Why Is Water Coming Out Of My Sink?

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If only everything were plain sailing all the time! That would be lovely, but unfortunately it’s not realistic and at some point or other you’re sure to find yourself having to call out emergency plumbers in Edinburgh to help you deal with problems with your pipes.

When faced with a deluge of water coming flooding out of your kitchen sink, you may well find yourself panicking, unsure of what to do and how to stop it. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the common reasons for water to flood at home so you know what to do… and here are just a few reasons why you might find yourself faced with a flood.

It’s your dishwasher

Drains in the kitchen sink often have water that enters the sink from the dishwasher when the appliance discharges water, but sometimes these drain lines get clogged up with grease, food and hair. This means that the opening in the pipe will grow narrower over time, which means water can’t flow as quickly as it should through the pipe.

And because dishwashers use a lot of water in a short space of time, it’s possible that your pipes won’t be able to handle the volume if there is a blockage – so you’ll find the water has no choice but to come up through the sink.

It’s your drain line

All the fixtures in your house will eventually drain water away into your master drain line, which either connects to the sewer or to a septic tank. Anything you send down the drain will end up here, although over time build-up can occur in the pipe and restrict the flow of water.

If this goes unchecked, water will start to back up and – you’ve guessed it – come flowing out of your sink at home.

It’s your sink

If you’re lucky, the problem will be to do with the sink itself and this is relatively easy to fix – try putting some sink and plughole unblocker down it, leave it for five minutes and then run the hot tap to see if it flows better.

To help prevent problems like this from occurring and reoccurring, make sure you’re careful with what you put down the sink in the first place. Avoid putting any food, grease or fat down the kitchen sink, which is easy to do if you use a strainer or trap to catch it all. Coffee grounds are also a big culprit as they stick together and can easily cause a blockage.

If you do find that you have a problem with water flowing out of your sink uncontrollably and can’t work out why, get in touch with us here at Postcode Plumbers and we’ll be able to come and fix it for you with no trouble at all.