What To Do If You Have A Leak

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Discovering a leak, or a burst pipe in your home can certainly feel like the end of the world when water is flooding and leaking through the ceiling. Of course one of the first things to do is contact a plumber in Edinburgh. But there are steps you can be also taking to minimise the damage in your home.

There have been numerous cases of flooding in the UK due to adverse weather conditions, and it’s worth checking that you have insurance that would cover such an eventuality, should you live in a flood risk area. But if you have a leak in the home, then follow this guide how to tackle the emergency.

Firstly, find your stop valve, and turn it off. If you are unsure where it is located, it is most likely in the kitchen or bathroom, but could be in your garage if it is attached to the house. If you know where your water meter is, it could be connected directly to that.

If for some reason you cannot turn the water off, then limit the damage by firstly turning off all electricity at the fuse box. Get a bucket to place under the leak if at all possible. If you have a burst pipe, tightly wrap a towel around it to soak up the water. Turning on all the taps in the house can also reduce the pressure in the affected pipe, reducing the leak.

If you need a plumber in East Lothian, for leaks, boiler repairs, or any reason, then get in touch today.