Want To Sell Your House? Consider Eco Renovation Work

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Homeowners planning on selling their current house and upping sticks to go elsewhere might want to prioritise eco-friendly home improvements before putting the property on the market, given new research revealing that energy efficiency is now a top priority for both homeowners and investors alike.

The study, carried out by estate agent Jackson-Stops, revealed that 22 per cent of people would like to see energy efficiency a serious feature of their next home, with energy-efficient appliances and electric car charging points topping the list, Buy Association reports.

Some 21 per cent said they now felt it was more important to reduce carbon emissions when buying a house or renting a property than living within a mile of public transport links.

Zero carbon developments are growing in popularity. In recent years, Jackson-Stops has been appointed on several high-profile schemes including Holland Park in Exeter, which was one of the first zero carbon developments in the south-west.

“House hunters have an increasing desire for homes with energy efficient appliances and we have found that housebuilders are responding to this buyer demand,” head of land and new homes at the estate agent James Gibbs said.

Check out the Energy Saving Trust website for advice relating to energy-efficient boilers, if you’re considering upgrading before you sell. Heating apparently makes up around 55 per cent of what you would spend on your energy bills each year, so installing a more efficient boiler can make a real difference in this regard.

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