Top Tips To Prevent Blocked Drains

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There have been a number of stories in the national press in recent years about the fatbergs that are being cleared out of our sewage systems after creating significant blockages.

But what can you do to prevent blocked drains, both on a wider scale and within your own home? The Herts Advertiser recently shared some advice from anti-plastic pollution organisation City to Sea.

One tip is to make sure you’re not pouring hot cooking oil down the sink. While this might be liquid when it’s warm, it solidifies as it cools, creating a blockage in pipes. As well as causing issues in the sewer, this can also “wreak havoc in your pipes and trigger expensive plumbing repairs”, the news provider noted.

So, instead you should pour your hot oil into something like an old tub, and once it’s cooled and solidified you should scrape it into the bin.

Picking up a plughole strainer is an excellent way to prevent larger items from going down your drain too.

Another thing to consider is what you’re flushing down the toilet. Wet wipes, tampons, condoms and sanitary pads should all be going in the bin, not down the drain. As City to Sea states, when it comes to the toilet the only things you should be flushing are “the three Ps – pee, paper and poo”.

If you do end up with a blocked drain this winter, make sure you call plumbers in East Lothian as soon as possible to get help with sorting the issue.

The Express recently pointed out that unexpected repair bills are costing Brits hundreds of pounds each year. According to research by Lowell, we spend an average of £328 per year on repairs we hadn’t accounted for.