Thames Water Launches Campaign On Blocked Drains

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You will no doubt have seen news reports about the fatbergs that are blocking up our sewage systems. These huge blockages are comprised of everything from cooking oil to nappies and sanitary products.

But one of the biggest culprits is wet wipes. Now Thames Water has launched a campaign to make people more aware of the impact of flushing the wrong items down the drain.

The water company estimates that it’s costing the country £100 million per year to clear these blockages, ITV reported.

Thames Water wants to make people more aware of the consequences of failing to properly dispose of the likes of wet wipes and cooking oil. These things should be going in the bin, not down the toilet or the drain, is the message from the company.

One water company has even released a list of the worst areas for drain blockages. The Chronicle revealed last month that South Shields was named as the worst area in the North East for blocked drains by Northumbrian Water.

The company revealed that it’s been called to South Shields and Jarrow some 313 times already this year to clear drain blockages. Residents in Newcastle city centre and Callerton were named as the next worst offenders, with what they pour down their drains leading to 199 blockages needing to be cleared.

One of the problems is that many wet wipes are marketed as ‘flushable’ despite the fact that they actually aren’t, Northumbrian Water explained.

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