Reasons To Get Your Boiler Serviced Annually

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It’s easy to forget that we don’t only rely on our boiler in the winter months, everyday we use hot water, and it’s possible that everyday our boiler could be running in to trouble. It’s only during the colder periods that we then notice. Ensure you have your boiler and central heating serviced by Edinburgh plumbing and heating engineers.

Problems with your boiler, no matter how small, will only get worse with neglect, and repairs or in the worst case, replacement, can end up being rather costly. Your boiler expert will be able to diagnose and remedy problems before minor faults can cause major damage, and not only to your bank account.

It’s always going to be cheaper to repair and maintain your boiler than to replace it completely, and regular checks will ensure there are no surprises and shocks. A qualified plumber and engineer will be able to fix minor faults straight away, and a healthy, regularly maintained boiler will last much longer than one that hasn’t been serviced.

A maintained boiler will also be more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. An engineer will also check that your system is running safe, avoiding the dangers of potentially fatal carbon monoxide build up. A regular service will give you peace of mind that you and your family are kept safe.

If you check the conditions of the guarantee of your boiler, it’s highly likely that it requires that it has regular servicing. Don’t void your warranty by neglecting an annual service, or you may not be able to claim any money for repairs should it break down.

If you need your gas boiler servicing or for all Edinburgh gas services enquiries, get in contact today.