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Has your heating stopped working? Are your radiators or hot water cold? Do you have a plumbing leak? Do you have a blocked pipe? Do you need an emergency plumber?

The Postcode Plumbers Pensioners Priority has been created because we provide plumbing and heating services for a lot of elderly clients, particularly in North Berwick, across East Lothian and in Edinburgh.

We also proud to have several nursing homes as regular customers.

We appreciate that plumbing problems can be a hassle and cause worry and discomfort, particularly if you’re in poor health.

Postcode Plumbers will respond to your plumbing issue as quickly as possible; we’ll aim to get your heating or plumbing fixed within 24 hours, if at all possible.

We believe that if you’re not in the best of health or elderly, fixing your plumbing and heating should be a priority. That’s why we provide our ‘Postcode Plumbers Pensioners Priority’ where we guarantee to visit you within 24 hours, and will try hard to get to you within hours in very urgent situations.

Contact us immediately and tell us about your plumbing or heating emergency. And please let us know that you’d like our Pensioners Priority service so that your plumbers call out is treated urgently.

Call us now on 0131 667 8066 or 01620 84 3000

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