How To Protect Against Frozen Pipes

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At this time of the year, temperatures can easily dip below freezing. If we have prolonged spells of cold weather and your pipes aren’t properly protected, they can freeze.

You might think that this isn’t a big deal, but we’re here to tell you that it can cause all kinds of problems. When water freezes, it expands. In a confined environment like a pipe, this can result in damage and often leads to burst pipes.

Essex Live recently offered some advice to homeowners about what they can do to prevent their pipes from freezing. If you’re worried you might suffer from this problem though, make sure you have the number of plumbers in East Lothian just in case.

The simplest things you can do to prevent frozen pipes are insulate your water tanks and make sure that all your pipes are protected by lagging. This is particularly important in any unheated parts of your property, such as the loft or garage, the news provider noted.

You should also make sure that you minimise draughts from doors and windows in your home and if you’re going away over the Christmas period, it’s advisable to leave your central heating on low.

According to a recent article for The Mirror, the minimum temperature to set your heating at while you’re away is 12 degrees C. However, the newspaper noted that it’s not cost effective to have your heating on full all day. Ideally use a timer to have it come on around half an hour before you get up and the same before you come home from work.

If you’ve got an unoccupied property, meanwhile, it’s best to turn off the stop tap and to make sure you check the property regularly just in case anything goes wrong.