Could Your Boiler Be Dangerous?

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Over the summer you probably haven’t given a great deal of thought to your boiler. After all, in the warmer weather you’re unlikely to want central heating and it’s only when the colder weather arrives as autumn kicks in that you start to think about turning your heating back on.

Ideal Home recently shared research from Worcester Bosch, the boiler manufacturer, that found nearly one-third (30 per cent) of Brits have gone longer than 12 months without having their boiler serviced.

Worryingly, one in ten people surveyed don’t realise that failing to get their boiler serviced each year could have consequences far beyond a lack of hot water or heating. A faulty boiler could result in carbon monoxide leaks, which can hospitalise or even kill people, the news provider noted.

In addition, many boilers require you to have an annual service for their warranty to remain valid. That means if you’re not getting your boiler checked each year, you could be faced with a very costly bill should it breakdown, even if it’s within the period of its manufacturer’s warranty.

Now is the perfect time to book in your boiler services in Edinburgh, or wherever you live. The weather hasn’t yet turned cold, so a qualified heating engineer can give your boiler a once-over and make sure it’s ready for whatever the winter will throw at it.

Even if you think your boiler is in perfectly good condition, it’s worth getting it checked by an expert. A survey released by British Gas earlier this month found that one in 20 homes in the UK have dangerous gas and electric appliances.