Check Boiler Before Two-Week Snowfall

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Homeowners might be tempted to call out plumbing and heating experts in Edinburgh sooner rather than later, as weather experts have predicted there could be an unprecedented amount of snowfall over the next couple of weeks.

The Express revealed that snow could come down from Sunday (December 8th) and last until the following Friday, affecting areas from as north as Inverness and as south as Birmingham.

It is thought temperatures in Scotland could plummet to -10C on December 16th, with snowfall north of the border likely to reach 16.5 inches over the fortnight.

Maps from also show conditions to be bad, with temperatures dropping in Scotland and the north of England before heading to the midlands and Wales.

It could even make this the coldest December since records began, with bookie Coral saying the odds of this are 4/6.

Harry Aitkenhead, a spokesperson for the firm, said the snowfall is “fuelling hopes that we might even see a White Christmas this year”.

While this is exciting news for those who love looking out their window on Christmas Day or making snowmen in their gardens, it could be a horrible experience for households with a broken boiler.

The NHS emphasises the importance of having a warm house during the winter, advising those who are not very mobile, have a health condition or are older than 65 to heat their property to 18C at least.

It also suggested having the bedroom at 18C all night and keeping the bedroom window closed, as well as using a hot water bottle in bed and getting heating systems checked regularly.