Always Check That Your Plumber Is Gas Safe Registered!

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When sorting out emergency plumbers in Edinburgh and elsewhere around the country, always make sure that you check their credentials so you know they’re professional, experienced and reputable tradesmen.

If you don’t, you run the risk of someone coming to do a job that they don’t have the skill level to complete – which ultimately could put you and your family at risk, since faulty gas appliances or shoddy work could see carbon monoxide escape… which can be fatal.

Remember that not all gas engineers are qualified and competent to work on all types of gas appliances. You would be wise to check what work they are qualified to carry out before you hire them for the job and it’s easy enough to find out using the Gas Safe Register engineer check service.

If you have had work carried out recently (within the last six months), you can call out Gas Safe Register to have the job inspected for free.

Note, however, that the organisation isn’t able to inspect every installation request they receive but if you are selected for an inspection you’ll be contacted within six months of the installation date to arrange a convenient time for an inspection.

Should you have a complaint about gas work that has been carried out at home, first get in touch with the business in question and ask them to rectify the issue. If they fail to respond, you can then fill out a complaint form on the Gas Safe Register website.

If you think that someone has been working unregistered, provide as much information as you can about where the work was done and by whom, so the organisation can investigate further.