5ft Python Found Wrapped Around A Boiler!

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When you have boiler problems (as we all do from time to time), chances are that the last thing you would expect to find when investigating the issue is a 5ft royal python wrapped around your appliance, wouldn’t you agree?

But this is exactly what happened to one hapless homeowner in Islington, north London late in July. According to the BBC, the brown and gold snake was confined by police before being released “without charge” and then collected by the RSPCA, with the charity caring for it at its Putney Animal Hospital.

Lisa Miller, RSPCA animal collection officer, explained that animals often make their way towards heat sources if they find themselves on the outside of their vivariums.

“We’re not sure who owns the Royal Python but he is in good condition so could have escaped from his home, and gravitated towards the cosy boiler cupboard to keep warm,” she went on to say.

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